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Niccolò Ratto is a writer, screenwriter and multimedia artist.
Since his adolescence, he shows the inner desire to tell “stories”, which pushes him to experiment in many forms of narration, by studying and practicing in the visual arts.

In 2005 he moves to L’Aquila to attend the International Academy of Fine Arts and Sciences, where in 2009 he graduates with honors cum laude and achieves the title of "Cinema & Mass Media Expert".
His everlasting path of research and experimentation of the visual language continues abroad, where he works, exhibits his own art and receives numerous awards as a photographer.

From 2018 he decides to commit full time to his writing, deepening the study of fiction in all its forms, with a particular focus on the horror genre, especially the Weird, Dark and Fantastic.


Some of his stories won or were finalist in various writing contests, and some of his essays and short stories were published in Italy and abroad.


He currently collaborates with cultural associations, entertainment magazines of art and film criticism.

I'm available for video/photography projects and creative/unconventional art projects.

cell. +39 392 353 3500

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